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The Patient Path to Care Has Changed. Has Your Healthcare Marketing Changed with It?

The patient healthcare journey has changed.  Patients prepare for their wellness journey in advance – researching their ailments, reading online reviews and seeking referrals, not from their primary care doctor, but from their social media circles.  Patients walk into their healthcare providers more informed and with higher expectations for their care.

What It Means to You?

As healthcare providers, your marketing must adjust to this new patient path to care.  That means using data to better understand your patient’s needs – both before, during and after your care.  It means showcasing your expertise and providing that upfront information around conditions and treatments.  It means being involved in the research and conversations taking place before patients even book an appointment.

PAMG Healthcare Marketing. has strategized solutions for healthcare providers grappling with the changing state of healthcare marketing.  Our team of healthcare marketing strategists understand the best techniques to acquire new patients, increase referrals and communicate your expertise.  Below are some of the strategies and resources that make PAMG Healthcare Marketing. solutions truly unique.


Strategies Grounded in Data

Our unique set of healthcare marketing data includes data sourced directly from hospitals, physicians, and healthcare providers to understand patient volume and propensity.  We layer in local data related to medical claims index, the local rate of diagnosis, procedure and prescription information which together pinpoints high density communities for your marketing strategy.


Highlighting Your Expertise with Content

Research is central to the new patient path to care. Developing content and ensuring that it is seen by potential patients, positions you as a credible healthcare provider and a top-of-mind option for care. Whether as a written blogs, website content, social media posts or video all provide platforms showcase your knowledge and expertise to potential new patients.


Telling Your Brand Story

What procedures do you perform better than anyone? Why do patients love you? PAMG Health Marketing will use your unique strengths, and our marketing expertise, to differentiate you from your competitors while building your brand. Our team of talented creative designers conceptualize full campaigns showcasing your brand story.


Hospital & Health Systems Marketing

  • Service Line Promotion
  • Brand Awareness
  • Physician Promotion
  • Public & Community
    Health Initiatives
  • Population Health Management

Private Practice Marketing

  • Patient Acquisition
  • Brand Awareness
  • Thought Leadership &
    Community Outreach
  • Doctor to Doctor Referral

Seniors & Home Health Marketing

  • Future Resident & Family
    Outreach & Education
  • Brand Awareness
  • Home Health & Hospice Branding
  • Thought-Leadership &
    Referral Marketing

Health Marketing Capabilities to Acquire Patients, Increase Referrals and Communicate Your Expertise

Our strategies and solutions are grounded in extensive and reliable healthcare market data – taking the guess work out of creative messaging, content creation, audience segmentation and media selection.  Below are only a few of the healthcare marketing solutions PAMG Health Marketing utilizes to craft successful campaigns for healthcare providers.

Marketing Strategy

Audience Research

Channel Management


Content Distribution

Data Science


Data Analysis

Predictive Analysis

Messaging Profiles

Search & Social Media


Paid Social Marketing

Content & Distribution

Optimization & Reporting

Content Creation

Blog Writing

Sponsored Content

Content Calendars

Digital/Print Creative

Video Marketing

Concepting & Scripting

Video Production

Video Distribution

Targeting Optimization

Digital Marketing


Search Retargeting

Audience Targeting

Behavior Targeting

Recruitment Marketing

Audience Research

Channel Management

Customized Messaging

Content Distribution

Creative Services

Video & Photoshoots

Digital/Print Ad Creation

Interactive 3D Tours

Collateral & More

With an award-winning creative team, anything is possible.

Compelling creative is essential to any health-specific marketing plan. Our creative team crafts compelling videos, photos, display/print ads, content pieces and more to tell your story. Our creative team has won 7 International Video Awards and 20 New York State Advertising and Marketing Creative Excellence Awards (most by any media company in the state) since 2020.

See some examples of our healthcare creative chops

Health marketing insights just for you!

Discover our dose of marketing insights related to healthcare.

A Few of Our Health-Related Clients


Healthcare Marketing Success Stories

Increased Patient Volume for a Podiatry Practice
Client since 2019

The Challenge

Increase patient volume and grow market share in the podiatry segment

The Goal

A well-known practice and leading foot & ankle specialist wanted to increase patient volume and be positioned as the “go to” specialist in the market. The client’s goals: increase patient appointments, increase e-book downloads to educate on specialties and foot & ankle care, and increase market share.

The Strategy

The fundamental strategy of search complimented by targeted display on our premium publisher website was utilized to drive awareness and brand affinity and improve search results when patients were engaged in the “buyer journey.”  Paid Facebook layered with our first party data, was another tactic utilized to target their best potential client and engage with that audience. The re-targeting strategy re-engaged their best potential clients during the selection process.  The campaign is consistently monitored to establish trends and adapt tactics as their business needs change.

The Result
  • 36% increase YoY in mobile CTC functionality
  • 77% increase in booked appointments from website
  • 83% increase in website traffic and a
  • 51.17% increase in overall sessions

Create Patient Growth for a Vascular Specialist in an Expansion Market
Client since 2021

The Challenge

Create brand recognition and increase patient volume in three expansion market locations.

The Goal

With 19 established offices in their primary market and three new offices in an expansion market, our client needed to create top of mind awareness, brand recognition and increase patient volume in the new locations.  The secondary goal was to increase specific service line appointments in these three offices.

The Strategy

Awareness tactics were utilized to improve brand recall and engagement.  Targeted display advertising and re-messaging with the optimal frequency offered the potential patients the opportunity to learn about this specialist while providing the instant credibility and lift in mid-funnel metrics from being on a premium publisher site.  A paid social strategy using our first party data reached the best potential patients, drove engagement and provided warm leads for the offices.

The Result
  • 60% increase in new visitors to website
  • GA top 5 search results were inquiries at target locations
  • Client cited a notable increase in calls and appointment setting at the three target locations

Drive Brand Recognition for a Large Hospital System’s Geo-Expansion into a Highly Competitive Market
Client since 2014

The Challenge

Foster brand awareness for acquisitions and new hospital location and solve for the constant recruitment needs in a market with high demand.

The Goal

This hospital system had built a new facility, acquired a smaller health system location and numerous private practice offices.  The expansion in geography put them in direct competition with the other largest health system in the market. Brand awareness, community involvement and an impactful recruitment strategy were their goals to help acquire new patients.

The Strategy

PAMG created exclusive sponsorships built around an extensive suite of solutions and tactics in print and digital, editorial content and experiential marketing which offered unique opportunities to engage with the community at events and, overall, consistently being in front of the right audience at the right time.

To address the challenging recruitment needs an additional recruitment strategy was constructed using our virtual job fairs, display, dynamic video, OTT, specialty publications including a We-print insert and sponsor content to increase awareness, employer brand and educate potential candidates on why they should choose to work for this healthcare system.

The Result
  • 300% increase in search traffic
  • Client has renewed both sponsorships for three years and each year the solution set grows, evolves and offers additional unique ad placements to reach their audience in innovative ways

Increase Laser Therapy Clients for a Chiropractor and Create Brand Awareness for a “Wellness Center” Expansion to Include Additional Specialty Practices
Client since 2017

The Challenge

Educate the market about their cutting-edge technology, seminars and expand their target market area. The secondary challenge is to promote their transition into a “Wellness Center” adding four specialty practices in a new facility promoting single-stop care.

The Goal

This well-established, successful practice wanted to continue to expand its current patient base. A proprietary treatment option created the opportunity to expand their current market service area, increase appointment count, and test the market’s interest in in-person seminars again to educate on the technology.

The Strategy

The cornerstone of a search and display campaign created awareness in their expanded geography while driving a higher CTR on their search campaign.  Creative was A/B tested to determine what resonated most with their best potential patients. PAMG used our data to target on Facebook in a social campaign which drove engagement and seminar registrants and was deemed successful with 12 registrants based on the ROI of a client.  Video production and distribution was essential in telling the story visually and allowed potential patients to see the doctor and laser procedure.

The Result
  • Search increase 136%.
  • 12 seminar registrants on a 10-registry goal
  • Q4 financials reflected the highest revenue in history allowing them to springboard to their expansion
  • Marketing plans are still evolving for the expansion so you will have to check back!

Drive Traffic for a New Medical Marijuana Dispensary in PA
Client since 2020

The Challenge

Drive store and online traffic for a dispensary in a new market experiencing aggressive category growth.

The Goal

This dispensary was new to the PA market and in 2020 three new chains had already opened with multiple locations establishing strong brand recognition and a loyal buyer base. Creating awareness, driving website and store traffic along with appealing to their audience in a different format were their goals.

The Strategy

PAMG’s strategy started with the goal of breaking through the noise, aligning this brand with our highly reputable content and audience and to appeal to their best potential customer in a fresh approach. The solution mix used Section Takeovers and contextually targeted display to offer relevant, high impact visibility and association.  The social component, as an awareness tactic, encouraged engagement, interaction and sharing.  Sponsorship of a PennLive Podcast (almost 500,000 downloads to date), offered host mentions and three :30 commercials. We refreshed the spots monthly to tell the story of the brand and their offerings.

The Result
  • CTR was triple the standard performance benchmark
  • Search traffic increased 650%
  • Podcast downloads increased by 325%

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • When we first started working with the PA Media Group five years ago, our business was thriving.  The challenge we faced was to find new ways to continue that growth, and PA Media Group has been instrumental in that process and outcome. They actively research and analyze data to offer innovative and impactful marketing solutions, and on more than one occasion I was surprised by their novel ideas. I greatly value their opinion, insight, and the education I’ve received as a marketer, and it is rewarding to work with a group that consistently is willing to go above and beyond to ensure our success. They are the definition of a true partner!

    Patrick Brennan Brennan Chiropractic | Synergy Health Group
  • In a highly regulated industry, it is imperative to find a partner that understands the constraints but can identify the opportunities for creating a cohesive marketing plan.  PA Media Group understood our restrictions from the beginning and knew the route to success.  Visibility is another key in a business relationship for me. A lot of vendors make promises and then it is crickets.  PA Media Group makes the promise, and it ends on delivery with their deep reporting, insights, and consistent communication. As a multi-state company new to Pennsylvania, PA Media Group’s market expertise gave us access to the local market with a local approach driving the right leads in the right communities, and ultimately, ROI.  It is always great to talk about a partnership when you have so many great things to say!

    Oswaldo Graziani | Creative Director Fluent | Medical Dispensaries
Diverse group of four nursing students standing together outdoors

Are You A HealthCare Provider Looking to Recruit?

Attracting top talent is difficult. The PA Media Group’s healthcare recruitment approach takes a look at the whole healthcare recruitment marketing funnel.  We tell your business and culture story – what makes working at your hospital unique.  We showcase your points of differentiation – pay, benefits, culture, etc.  And of course we raise the profile of your open positions and connect you with qualified candidates looking for a change.

Let’s Discuss Your Healthcare Marketing

We have a proven strategy to help healthcare providers attract and retain patients.

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Recruitment Strategies to Reach Traditional Students

There’s Nothing Traditional about Our Strategy

Highly competitive with a long decision cycle, traditional 4-year institutions should focus on effective branding as well as student and parent engagement. Laying a foundation for effective and inspirational storytelling will allow prospective students to not only be comfortable with a college choice, but also begin to envision a successful future at that college.

Targeting Teens & Their Influencers

Our marketing approach for these schools starts with foundational and targeted messaging to teens, parents and teachers followed up by more specifically targeted content designed to appeal specifically to students' questions and interests around prospective college choices.

Channel Mix is Essential

Blending online display, geo-fencing, social media, content marketing and video advertising allow for a holistic and effective approach to bringing future students to your campus.

Recruitment Strategies to Reach Community College Students

Connecting the Right Audience with the Right Opportunities

For the right student, community colleges offer the best of both worlds – a flexible, affordable 2-year degree path coupled with a true college experience. Tell this story to those students looking for alternative college options – proving they can find a higher education path that works for them.

Segmented Campaigns Deliver Better Results

Community college students have a broad spectrum of interests and reasons that they choose the community college path. Provide custom content and communication to speak to and aid in their specific decision-making process.

Targeted Campaigns Hit the Bullseye Every Time

Narrow and specific targeting creates campaign efficiency and allows smaller budgets to still be impactful at driving new students. Specific targeting of high schools or demographics well suited for technical programs, paired with compelling social and video content, will help future students see the value and options a community college has to offer.

Recruitment Strategies to Reach Private School Candidates

Tell Your Story

Private schools create a vibe that is all their own. Showcase what makes your school unique. From video of your one-of-a-kind campus and facilities to content and photos that accurately represent your student body, the right mix of media can highlight your school’s unique aspects.

Prove Your Value

Cost is often the barrier to a private education. Speak to parents and guardians about the value of a private education and the success of your alumni. Be transparent about financing options through plentiful on-site content, webinars and FAQs to remove cost from the equation.

Tap Into Social Word of Mouth

School social networks are strong. A community of like-minded parents and neighbors is often your most valuable resource. Connect your current parent groups and alumni with perspective families throughout the enrollment process. They are your best advocates and brand ambassadors.

Recruitment Strategies to Reach Technical & Career Education Students

Showcase the Path Forward

Students exploring unconventional higher education options may feel anxious about taking the road less traveled. Showcase what a technical degree looks like, what classes lead to a degree, and the knowledge they will receive to ease their concerns and drive their decision forward.

Share Graduate Success Stories

Highlight what a post degree world looks like. What type of jobs come from select degrees, what is the pay, what is the day-to-day job like? Feature stories from alumni to help bring this narrative to life.

Targeted Digital Tactics Maximize Budget and Return

Rather than blanket your market with expensive traditional media marketing, digital tactics allow you to distill your audience down to those most likely interested in technical degrees. Laser focus your geo-targeting to high schools ripe with candidate, highlight interests and hobbies of potential students that align with your current student interests. These small targeting tweaks can yield big results while being kind to your budget.

Recruitment Strategies to Reach Adult Learners

Make It Easy to Explore Your School

Adult learners are juggling work, home life and more. Adding continuing education research on top of their stack shouldn’t be a burden. Make it easy to view campus with video tours, to easy to advisors with video chats or webinars, to determine courses and costs with relevant content. Remove the barriers to start your relationship with adult learners on the best foot.

Show Them They Can Make It Happen

Time and money are top concerns among adult learners. Create content to show them both are possible. Create content that clearly lays out classes needed for certain degrees and the time needed to complete. Host financing continuing ed webinars featuring expert panelists. Provide clear, easy to access information on employer contributions to make the decision an easy one.

Recruitment Strategies to Reach Your Alumni Base

Analyze Your Data

Alumni Offices have access to a treasure trove of alumni data. Laying within those Excel files are the keys to increasing alumni engagement and donations. Analyze your alumni records to uncover key information including rich locations, demographics and interests to target with your outreach.

Segment Your Audience

As you analyze your data, patterns will appear. Alumni will fall into groups based on interests, engagement and geography. Segment out key audiences – like basketball fans in NYC – and craft custom events (alumni night with the Nets), engagement opportunities (March Madness themed donation challenge) and communication.

Move Them to Engage and Donate

Storytelling through video, profiles and testimonials bring alumni back to campus. Video allows alumni to reminisce over their college years and marvel at the advancements on campus since graduation. Storytelling brings them back, grounds them and emphasizes the importance of their Alma Mater on who they are today.

A few examples:

A few examples:



A few examples: